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ASME 36.19 TP316 SMLS Pipe SCH40S For Best Supplier

ASME 36.19 TP316 SMLS Pipe SCH40S For Best Supplier
Supply Ability: 6000 Ton/Tons per Year hot rolled seamless pipe Packaging Details In Hexagonal bundles packaging or In wooden boxes packaging
Product Details:

Product Name

ASME B36.19 seamless duplex 2205 stainless steel pipes


301 (Ni : 6%), 304, TP304, TP304L/304L, 321, TP321, 316, TP316L, 316L, 316Ti,317, 317L, 309S, 310S(2520), 347Duplex 2205, Duplex 2207, etc.




3000-12000mm or as required




Seam or seamless




Construction and decoration, industries and manufacture, building industry machinery

Seamless steel pipeSeamless tube for structure: used for general structure, 

seamless tube for mechanical structure.Precision seamless tube for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder: used for making hydraulic equipment used in coal mine,

 hydraulic cylinder and plunger used in truck crane, 

etcSeamless steel tubes for petroleum cracking: seamless steel tubes for furnaces, heat exchangers, and pipelines in petroleum and refineries.Air cooled condenser is common in our daily life, 

seamless steel tube is an important part of air cooled condenser, 

the following small series for you to introduce in detail:Air-cooled condenser(1) composition: seamless steel pipe and copper plated steel wire.

(2) features: no fan, saving power consumption, low noise, low heat transfer coefficient.

Forced convection cools the condenser

(1) composition: seamless steel tube, rib and axial flow fan.

(2) features: large power consumption, large noise, high heat transfer coefficient.The relationship between seamless steel tube and air-cooled condenserApplication object:China seamless pipe network reported that: often used in refrigerators, freezers, small air conditioners, cold field vehicles, automotive air conditioning and other small refrigeration equipment.Advantages: no water, simple installation, can be placed on the roof;Small heat transfer coefficient, greatly affected by environmental temperature, environmental degradation, dust removal difficulties.Restriction: used only in freon refrigerating machines.Classification: according to the flow of air, can be divided into natural convection cooling condenser and forced convection cooling condenser.What are the performance indexes of seamless steel tubes?

With the continuous intensification of the competition in the seamless steel pipe industry, mergers and acquisitions and capital operation among large seamless steel pipe enterprises are becoming more and more frequent, and the domestic excellent seamless steel pipe production enterprises pay more attention to the research on the industry market, especially the in-depth research on the enterprise development environment and the trend change of customer demand.Because of this, a large number of excellent domestic seamless steel pipe brand quickly rise, gradually become the leader in the seamless steel pipe industry!

Mechanical properties ofThe mechanical property of steel is an important index to guarantee the final service performance (mechanical property) of steel, 

which depends on the chemical composition and heat treatment system of steel.In the steel pipe standard, according to different requirements, 

the provisions of the tensile properties (tensile strength,

 yield strength or yield point, elongation) and hardness, toughness index, as well as user requirements of high and low temperature performance.The performance index of seamless steel tube1. Tensile strength (sigma b)In the process of stretching, the strongest force

 (Fb) a sample receives when it is pulled off is divided by the value of the original transect area (So) of the sample. It is called the value of the tensile strength (b) (N/mm2 (MPa)).

It represents the maximum resistance of a metal material to damage under tension.

2. The yield point (sigma s)The yield point refers to the stress at which the specimen can continue to elongate even if the force does not increase (remains constant) during the tensile process for the metallic material with yield phenomenon.

If the force falls, the upper and lower yield points should be distinguished.The unit of yield point is N/mm2 (MPa).

(10) top yield point (su) : the maximum stress of a sample before its yield and the first drop of the yield force.The lowest yield point (sigma sl) : the minimum stress in the yield phase when the initial instantaneous effect is not given.

(3) sigma after fracture.In the tensile test, the percentage of the length increased by the standard distance after the specimen is broken and the length of the original standard distance is called elongation.In terms of sigma, the unit is %.

4. Reduction rate of sectionIn the tensile test, the percentage of the maximum reduction of the cross-sectional area at the shrinking diameter after the specimen is pulled and the original cross-sectional area is called the reduction rate of the section.Let's say it's in %.5. 

Hardness indexThe ability of a metallic material to resist the crushing of a hard surface is called hardness.

Hardness can be divided into brinell hardness, rockwell hardness, vickers hardness, shore hardness, microhardness and high temperature hardness, etc.

There are three kinds of brinell, 

rockwell and vickers hardness commonly used for pipes.A. Brinell hardness (HB)The steel ball or hard alloy ball with a certain diameter is pressed into the sample surface with the specified test force (F). After the specified retention time, 

the test force is removed and the indentation diameter (L) of the sample surface is measured.Brinell hardness is the quotient of the test force divided by the surface area of the indentation sphere.The unit is N/mm2(MPa).

China seamless pipe network reported that the measurement of brinell hardness is more accurate and reliable, but generally HBS only applies to 450N/mm2 (MPa) below the metal material, for the harder steel or thinner plate is not applicable.

In the steel pipe standard, brinell hardness is the most widely used, often with indentation diameter d to express the hardness of the material, both intuitive, and convenient.

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