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  • Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Pipe

    Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Pipe
    Production Process for SS 304/316 seamless tube made in China Hot rolled seamless steel pipe Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe production base deformation process can be summarized as three stages: perforation, extension and finishing. *Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe defects *Hot rolled seamless...
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    Product Name

    Hot rolled A106 GrB SCH40 carbon steel seamless pipe

    Outer diameter






    Unit length

    3m, 5.8m, 6m, 11.8m, 12m, 13.5m or as per customers' request




    ASTM A106,A53,A179,A192,A333,A519,A795,A335,A500
    API 5L, API 5CT
    JIS G3452,G3454,G3455,G3456,G3444,G3460,G3461,G3464
    GB/T 8163, GB/T 5310,GB/T 3087and so on


    PSL1/PSL2 X42,X52,X60,X65,X70,X80
    Q235,Q345,10#,20#,45#,16Mn and so on


    Cold Drawn, Cold Rolled, Welded


    in bundles, in loose, plastic end caps or end protectors,non-woven fabrics packings


    conveying oil,steam,water,gas,air at low/medium/high pressure or temperature
    fire protection systems
    civil engineering, architecture and other structures
    shipyard,oil field,gas field

    Production Process for SS 304/316 seamless  tube made in China


    Hot rolled  seamless steel pipe


    Hot-rolled seamless  steel pipe production base deformation process can be summarized as three stages: perforation, extension and finishing.

    *Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe  defects

    *Hot rolled seamless steel pipe  deformed process

    *Hot rolled steel pipe in China  industrial and our range

    *Advantages and disadvantages of  hot rolled steel

    *Requirements on pipe billet for  hot-rolled seamless tube

    *High-frequency welding  technology of hot-rolled seamless steel pipe

    How to make hot rolled pipe ?

    Hot-rolled seamless  steel pipe: hot rolled is  relative to the cold-rolled, cold rolling is below the recrystallization  temperature of the rolling, and hot rolled is carried out at above the recrystallization temperature of the rolling.


    hot rollded  seamless steel pipe can damage the cast microstructure of the steel ingot,  refinement of the crystal grains of the steel, and eliminate the defects of the  microstructure, so that the the steel organization compacting, improve the  mechanical properties. This improvement is reflected in the rolling direction,  so that the steel is no longer to a certain extent isotropic; pouring the  formation of bubbles, cracks, and osteoporosis, under high temperature and  pressure can also be welded together.


    1. After the hot  rolling, the nonmetallic inclusions in the interior of a steel (mainly sulfides  and oxides, as well as the silicate) was pressed into a sheet, stratified  (laminated) phenomenon appears. The layering of the steel in the thickness  direction by the pull performance deteriorated significantly, and may appear in the weld shrinkage interlayer tear. Weld shrinkage induced local strain often  reach several times the yield point strain, the strain is much greater than the  load caused.

    2. Residual stress  caused by uneven cooling. The residual stress is the stress of internal  self-phase equilibrium in the absence of external force, the hot-rolled steel  of various cross-sectional has a residual stress such Usually steel sectional  dimension is the greater, the greater the residual stresses. Residual stress is  self-phase equilibrium, but the steel members in the performance external force  or have a certain influence. Such as deformation, stability, anti-fatigue may  adversely.

    3. Hot-rolled steel  products, poor control of thickness and edge width. We are familiar with the  thermal expansion and contraction, even if the beginning of the hot-rolled out  are standard length, thickness, or there will be some negative final after cooling, this negative differential edge width wider the increasing thickness of the performance of the more obvious.

    So for large steel  for steel edge width, thickness, length, angle, and sideline no law requires  too precise.


    Company Information

    Imported metallographic microscope test machine and precise specise spectral machine, WCK test machine, special tensile test, flatting test and impact  test etc. Which can meet the inspection and test requirement and ensure the quality of product.

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