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Shengquan Steel's Capacity Replacement Construction And Expansion Project Settle In Mianzhu
Jan 31, 2019

On January 24,Shengquan Steel's project signing ceremony was held in Mianzhu.

Shengquan Steel's project restructuring integration,upgrading of capacity replacement construction,and expansion of waste recycling company and sales company ,with an invetment of RMB3.1 billion, will be located in Xinshi Logistics Park of Gaoxin Distric covering a land area of about 881 mu. After the project is completed and put into production,an annual output value of RMB15.1 billion and an annual tax payment of about RMB2-3 billion will be realized.

Sichuan Shengquan Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd. was reorganized by guanghan Desheng Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd. and Mianzhu Jinquan Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd through capactity replacement, with a restructuring capactity of 1.5 million tons.