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Implementation Plan For International Capacity Cooperation Of Hebei Iron & Steel Enterprises Distributed
Jan 29, 2019

Recently, the Hebei Development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Department of COmmerce

Reportedly issued the "Implementation Plan for International Capacity Cooperation of Hebei Iron and Steel Enterprises "(here in agter referred to as the "Plan").The Plan puts forwards that based on the advantages of Hebei's iron and steel industry, making hegang Serbia Company as a demonstration role and replying on the strong key iron adn steel enterprises in the province, we enhance the interantional competitiveness of inron and steel enterprises and promote the transformation and upgrading of the iron adn steel industry.

The Plan mentions that eight iron and steel projects of 6.35 million tons have been built (merged )overseas by iron and steel companies in Heei. The Plan points out that the main objective of interantional capacity cooperation of Hbei iron and steel enterprises is that those enterprises will strive to reach  an capacity of 12 million tons abroad by the end of 2020.

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