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What is the difference between seamless carbon steel pipe and welded steel pipe
Jan 24, 2019

Seamless carbon steel pipe is now used in a very wide range of fields, such as construction, transportation and so on, the reason why seamless carbon steel pipe can be so many applications, must be the advantages of steel pipe itself and advantages.Compared with the ordinary steel tubes once used, seamless carbon steel tubes adopt a series of high-tech manufacturing techniques, and then have the excellent quality of seamless carbon steel tubes.

Everybody's familiar with welded pipes.Today I would like to introduce the difference between seamless carbon steel pipe and welded pipe.

First of all: the main thing is that their molding process is different.Common steel pipe, for example tap water conduit, it is to pass commonly flat plank classics bend hind welding rises, this kind of craft is simpler coarse, a weld can be found above after finished product processing.But the seamless carbon steel pipe is generally the molten steel through the annular slot overstock after stretching and other processing technology molding, in this process there is no weld.

In terms of performance, seamless carbon steel tube has a great improvement in bearing capacity compared with ordinary steel tube, so it is often used in high-pressure equipment.Such as the pipeline connection of hydraulic equipment.The welding seam of ordinary steel pipe is its weak link, and the quality of welding seam is also the main factor affecting its overall performance.