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Structural design knowledge: what are the advantages of concrete-filled steel tube column shear wall structure?
Feb 11, 2019

What are the advantages of concrete-filled steel tube column shear wall structure?

(1) the shear wall of concrete-filled steel tubular columns has good compressive and shear properties.

(2) with excellent seismic performance and good ductility, it is possible to control the length-fineness ratio without limiting the axial compression ratio of steel tubes when it is applied to the shear wall of concrete-filled steel tubular columns in high-rise buildings.The hysteresis curve between horizontal force P and displacement can be full under cyclic load of compression, bending and shear of concrete-filled steel tubular shear wall, indicating that its energy absorption capacity is very good, with good seismic performance.

(3) it can give full play to the bearing capacity of high strength concrete and prevent its brittle failure.

(4) using ordinary steel plate material, the thickness is generally not more than 40mm, 50mm at most, easy to draw materials, easy to manufacture and installation.

(5) concrete-filled steel tube column shear wall is easy to construct, which creates conditions for rapid construction.

(6) good fire resistance, compared with reinforced concrete shear wall structure, can generally save 2/3 fire coatings, thus reducing the project cost.The fire resistance of concrete filled steel tubular column shear wall is better than that of reinforced concrete shear wall.This is because the steel pipe contains a lot of concrete, which can absorb a lot of heat.The thermal conductivity of concrete is low but the specific heat is high, so when a fire occurs, the temperature distribution in the section of shear wall is not uniform, the more to the center, the more the temperature lags, so the bearing capacity of shear wall decreases slowly, increasing the fire resistance time of shear wall, which is good for the safety of the structure.

(7) concrete-filled steel tube has better economic benefits than steel and reinforced concrete.Compared with the steel column, it can save 50% of the steel, reduce the cost about 45% : compared with the reinforced concrete, it can save about 70% of the concrete, reduce the dead weight 70%, save the template 100%, and the amount of steel used is equal or slightly more.