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Steel pipe classification
Feb 16, 2019

By manufacturing process

(1) the manufacturing process of seamless steel tubes can be divided into the following basic categories: hot rolling (extrusion), cold rolling (drawing), and hot expanding steel tubes.

(2) according to the manufacturing process, welded pipes can be divided into: straight welded pipe, spiral welded pipe, coil welded pipe, welded pipe thermal expansion pipe.

By shape

Steel pipe can be divided into: round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, octagonal pipe, hexagonal pipe, D pipe, pentagonal pipe and other special-shaped steel pipe, complex section steel pipe, double concave steel pipe, five-petal plum shaped steel pipe, conical steel pipe, corrugated steel pipe, melon shaped pipe, double convex steel pipe and so on.

By use

Steel pipe can be divided into pipe for pipeline, pipe for thermal equipment, pipe for mechanical industry, pipe for petroleum, pipe for geological drilling, pipe for container, pipe for chemical industry, pipe for special purpose, etc.