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  • Pretreatment of cold drawn steel pipe
    Oct 29, 2018

    For steel pipes without pre-treatment, the drawing coefficient cannot be carried out due to the excessive friction coefficient between the surface of the steel pipe and the mold during cold drawing; only after the pre-treatment process, the steel pipe is first derusted and treated by phosphating, saponification, etc. The inner and outer surfaces are formed into a dense metal soap film to reduce the friction between the steel pipe and the mold, thereby ensuring the smooth progress of the drawing. At the same time, the pre-treatment can also reduce the loss rate of the mold, improve the yield and work efficiency, and make the surface of the finished product smooth and uniform, and the anti-rust effect is good.

    Precautions for steel pipes should pay attention to the following points:

    (1) Pickling and rust removal should be thorough. Once it is found that the rust has not been removed, it needs to be pickled again.

    (2) During production, the concentration of phosphating solution and saponification liquid should be tested frequently to ensure the production index of phosphating solution and saponification liquid. When it is found that the index is not reached, it should be timely formulated.

    (3) The temperature and operating time of the treatment liquid should be strictly controlled.