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Overview of spiral welded pipe
Oct 29, 2018

Industrial TV internal inspection equipment: to verify the appearance quality of the inner weld.

Magnetic particle flaw detector: to test the near-surface defects of large-diameter steel pipes.

Ultrasonic Automatic Continuous Flaw Detector: Inspects the transverse and longitudinal defects of the full length weld of a spiral steel pipe.

Ultrasonic manual flaw detector: re-inspection of large-diameter steel pipe defects, inspection of repair welding seams and weld quality after water pressure.

X-ray automatic flaw detector and industrial TV imaging equipment: verify the internal quality of the full-length weld of spiral steel pipe, the sensitivity is not less than 4%.

X-ray filming equipment: The original weld and repair welding seam are inspected with a sensitivity of not less than 2%.

2200 ton hydraulic press and microcomputer automatic recording system: check the pressure quality of each large diameter steel pipe.