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Large LSAW steel pipe
Jan 30, 2019

Large LSAW steel pipe

Production technology of Large LSAW steel pipe

The cold forming process (JCOE) is mainly adopted in the production process of large straight seam steel pipe, which is a progressive forming method for steel plate, so that the steel plate can be molded into the required bending degree in the standard mould of the upper punching die, so as to reach the required diameter and size.In the domestic big straight seam steel pipe authoritative production enterprises to Shanghai baosteel, qingxian dragon, baoji steel pipe and other national units.

Large LSAW steel pipe is also widely used in many industries such as water pipe, steel structure, bridge engineering, foundation piling and oil casing.

The main technical parameters and quality standards of straight joint steel pipe focus on the quality of welding seam.The weld quality level of the large straight seam steel pipe distinguishes the steel pipe implementation standard.Domestic product quality can guarantee the lowest low-pressure fluid steel tube GB/ t3091-2008 straight seam steel tube technical standards.For large straight seam steel pipe used in steel structure, the quality level of weld is guaranteed to reach 100%UT flaw detection, and the straightness and ovality can meet the minimum standard size of 3091.

For big straight seam steel pipe used in oil casing, the main technical parameters are the quality of welding seam, steel pipe gauge passing quality and straightness.