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Item 60.3*6.7\ sa-210c what does it mean?
Jan 29, 2019

(1) high pressure carbon steel pipe is used in high temperature, high pressure conditions, so compared with the structure of the steel pipe and other general purposes, its service conditions are harsh.Anything wrong with one of the tubes in a high-pressure boiler can damage the equipment or even cause a boiler explosion.Therefore, gb5310-95, ASTMA335, ASTMA106, DIN17175 and other international norms and standards have clear and strict provisions.

(2) 60.3*6.7 means the outside diameter of the pipe is 60.3mm and the wall thickness is 6.7mm.

(3) sa-210c is ASME standard steel number, for boiler and superheater and pipeline in the category of carbon manganese steel pipe, belongs to the pearlite type of hot strong steel;The sa-210c is not stainless steel.Our country transplanted it to GB5310 seamless steel tube standard for high-pressure boiler in 1995, named as 25MnG, but the content range of C, Mn is more clearly limited.SA - 210 - c is widely used in the large capacity of 300 mw, 600 mw power plant boiler working temperature below 500 ℃ water wall, economizer, low temperature superheater heating surface such as piping and header, soda, pipes, etc.