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Introduction to welded steel tube
Feb 20, 2019

Black steel pipe, carbon steel pipe, mild steel pipe, ERW pipe.

In the absence of special instructions in the case of welded pipe generally refers to the raw (mainly surface treatment) of the round pipe.

2. Rectangular and square pipes:

3. 3. Galvanized pipe: hot-dip galvanized

pre-galvanized steel pipe

This is a common term that can be used to refer to electroplating, sometimes including the above types of galvanization.Similarly, galvanized pipes without special instructions are

 seamless steel pipe ,seamless pipe

5. Threading tube EMT

The square pipe association reports in detail on the metal conduit, which is subdivided from the steel pipe.

Common EMT standards are BS4568, BS31 (generally 3.75-4.0m in length), and UL797 (generally 3.0m and 3.05m in length).This is only a standard length, some customers will be more of his demand for suppliers cut into a shorter variety of lengths.

Since it is separated from the steel pipe, some customers will buy the steel pipe which is not the standard threading pipe to be used as the threading pipe.So don't be formal.

A.Threaded. Threaded threads are threaded with a pipe band on one end and a plastic cap on the other.Theaded on

The main types of thread are British standard BS, American standard NPT.Because the standard is different, so their matching SOCKET is not the same.

If it is finished by one end of the pipe, it is threaded by one end, if it is threaded by both ends, it will be finished by end or ends.

B. Chamfered bevelled, generally seamless tubes and large thick tubes are more processed in this way.

C.Shrink the end of the pipe (shrink the end or the two ends of the pipe according to the customer's requirements)

D.Enlarged head enlarged end (the one or both ends of the tube enlarged according to customer requirements)

E. Flattened Flattened

F.Paint, black painted. Paint is generally processed as a whole, and can only be 7 to 10CM inside the surface and both ends.

G.Electrostatic coating, powder coated. Can be coated on black and galvanized tubes.Color according to customer's sample or color card.

H. Oil coated. Oiled

I.PVC Coated out side pipe, PVC Coated in side and out side pipe.