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  • Field weldability of spiral welded pipe
    Oct 29, 2018

    The weldability of the site is mainly determined by the material of the steel pipe and the dimensional tolerance of the port.

    Considering the requirements for the installation and construction of steel pipes, the consistency of the steel pipe processing and the consistency of the geometrical dimensions are particularly important.

    Spiral welded pipe production is a continuous continuous process that is basically stable under the same working conditions: the straight seam welded pipe production process is segmented, including whole plate / indenter / preroll / spot welding / welding / finishing / group pairing Multiple process steps. This is an important feature of spiral welded pipe production that is different from the production of straight welded pipe.

    Stable production conditions are very convenient for welding quality control and geometric size assurance. Due to the regularity of the spiral welded pipe and the even distribution of the weld, the spiral steel pipe has a very good ellipticity and end face perpendicularity with respect to the straight welded pipe, which ensures the accuracy of the pair alignment of the on-site steel pipe welding group.

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